Smart TV Buying Guide in India 2020


Smart TV Buying Guide in India 2020

Nowadays, purchasing a TV can be a hectic decision fact that there are endless decisions, and understanding the distinctions to make a choice can be difficult.

Here, we’ll experience each kind of TV accessible available today, clarify the innovation behind the model, and address the advantages and disadvantages of that specific methodology for TV seeing.

Currently, in the market, there are lots of options you can see such as LED, OLED, IPS panel in smart tv. Our guide helps you choose your smart tv wisely.

Why you need Smart TV?

The main benefit of smart tv is you can access your content at any time. Say suppose you want to watch your favorite movies or any latest movie you can use prime video or Netflix to watch your show.

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Connections: Without connecting tv antenna or any local digital cable operator. You can use the tv for web browsing, playing games, and do many other functions.

What is Smart TV?

  • A smart tv is like other smart devices like mobile, laptops it has its own storage, ram, and features like Bluetooth, wifi so no need to plug any external devices like wifi module.
  • It supports out of box streaming application like youtube, Netflix, ZEE, Amazon Prime Video.
  • You can install thousands of application on it through the google play store.

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Before Buying Smart TV Please Look at the below points

1.Display Factors

The most critical part before buying tv. Some Key parameters consider while deciding :

  1. Display Type
  2. Resolution
  3. Refresh Rate
  4. Contrast
  5. HDR


Display Type:

  • The display type defines the picture quality of tv.
  • There are three types of display of smart tv currently uses in marker.LED, QLED, OLED All uses old LED technology.
  • Here we show you the differences between LED types so before buying you will able to choose better.
Thinness Thin Thin Thinnest
Light Source Backlite LED Quantum dot LED Individually Lit pixel
Blue Reduction Good Great Great
Viewing angle Ok Great Great
Colors Good Great Great



  • Resolution is the number of pixels on the display basically a Higher number of pixels means a higher quality of pictures.
  • Higher Resolution = High Clarity and Shaper Images.
  • There are three types of screen (display resolution) selling currently in the market
  • HD 720P
  • Full HD 1080P
  • 4K 2160P (UHD)
  • Even 2K displays are selling but people prefer 4K
HD Ready Full HD 4K or Ultra HD
Know as 720p 1080P 2160P
Number of pixels 1 Million 2 Million 8 Million
Suited for SD setup box HD setup box Streaming apps like youtube, NetFlix, prime 4K video,4K Gamin


Refresh rate:

  • Higher Refresh rate= Smoother Images + No frame drop + No blurring on faster motion
  • It is the number of times image changes on screen.
  • Generally, movies shot in 24 frames/sec
  • Its measures in FPS (Frame Per Second) or Hz
  • TV with higher refresh rate helps to see content like sports, games and action movies


Contrast ratio:

  • Higher contrast ratio = More details visible on the screen
  • Higher CR makes image more clearer even in dark scene all details visible



  • HDR means High dynamic range.
  • Its a new way of producing colors, more brightness, very good visibility in dark scenes.
  • Nowadays mobiles, cameras offer HDR
  • HDR 10 is the latest and uses in many tv’s.

2.Storage and Ram Offer

  • Smart TV is like smartphones and laptops they also offer ram and storage options.
  • Smart tv run on various Operating systems like phone and laptops.
  • To run them required preinstalled os and apps like Android, Linux, Netflix, Youtube.
  • And you would download many apps in it like games, streaming apps so it needs sufficient ram to run apps.
  • Usually, tv equipped with 2 GB of Ram and 8 GB of storage, and it is sufficient to run apps.

3.Operation System

  • Well if you ask me it is also an important factor consider before buying smart tv.
  • Because many companies offer only smart tv without any predefined os like android they offer their own os.
  • Drawbacks of that they might build by a third party so apps support is also low.
  • LG offers WebOS which comes with innovative features like Magic Remote, TellyBean, and more.
  • Samsung offers its custom os called Tizen also along with android their Samsung tv.
  • But some features are not in android tv that kind of features Samsung offer in Tizen.


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