What is Graphics Card?

graphic card

What is Graphics Card? A Graphics card is called a video card, display card, or graphics adapter which is used for increasing the quality of the video. Consider an example you are playing 4K video it needs a good quality graphics card for the uninterrupted seamless playing of the video.

A better quality of graphics card you have, better and smooth images can produce, Natural color reproduction is better for video editors and gamers also used for UI/UX developers.

Types Of Graphics Cards



Graphics card is the same part of CPU, a small card installed on CPU chip only, so it doesn’t have any separate memory it resides on system memory if you have notice intel processors having intel graphics card and AMD having vega graphics card all use some amount of system RAM. It produces lesser heat as compared to the discrete card.


A discrete card is a different structure and having different form factors from an integrated card, as integrated lies on system memory, discrete having separate memory used called as VRAM for producing high graphics performance. As it has high performance it produces a significant amount of heat. If you are using pc or laptop for the daily task then probably don’t need a graphics card but your gaming, UI/UX developer, designer then you must need a good graphics card laptop, or pc.


What is Graphics Card?

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GPU stands for graphics processing unit its the main unit of graphics card it takes processes instruction and converts according to instructed by CPU of the computer.


FPS is a frame per second it is basically how many frames render by GPU per second, for example, frames second in simple words if a game having 2 fps means you can see 2 images every second.

So basically more frames per second result smoother and responsive experience. So basically 30 FPS is the lowest which the game is still playable most gamers prefer 60FPS because it standard which gives fluidity and flexibility. Basically, FPS divided into different brackets.

FPS Brackets:

When we talking about fps we divided fps into different sectors or groups called brackets

30 FPS: This is where most of the budget gamers it sufficiently good for lower settings suppose there are AAA titles and you are plying it on the high setting it drastically reduces the overall fps of the game.If it is lower than 20 fps you can see significant shuttering and lagging in-game so basically more than 20fps is good.

60 FPS: This is where most of the uses, most of pc builds for getting 60 fps, even in console most of the games are made for running at 60fps.

120 FPS: To get this kind of frame rate you have to build pc with better hardware. When you want this type of build you should have to include a monitor that gives more than 120Hz display if you don’t include a high-end monitor ended with a bottleneck you can’t get enough performance through it.

240 FPS: It’s the very fastest category for getting faster and smoother images, you should include 4K 240Hz monitor in this kind of setup.

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What is the Best FPS for gaming?

So the answer for this depends only on your needs and what type of game you play.So we start it to make categories.


What is Graphics Card?

30 FPS: Good for a single user, sometimes better for making cinematic looks, when you are a non-competitor gamer and use for office work or you might student that time you can choose to make budget pc that time you can go with budget build it will give you 30 FPS on AAA title also.

60 FPS: Most users get 60 FPS on their budget pc more frames to get you extra fluidity and responsiveness in-game playing also better for video editing.

120 FPS: It is much better than 60 fps that some extra frames give you fluidity and responsiveness that can use is multiplayer games, nonetheless it is also better for single-player games.

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