Best Gaming Headphones Under 2000 (Updated 2022)


Looking for Best Gaming headphones under 2000, Hello Geeks family we have again come up with best gaming headphone we have already posted a best gaming headphone under 1000 rs in India.

Best Gaming Headphones Under 1000   
Because we know what budget buyers are looking for, Now we make best gaming headphones under 2000 rupees.

Gaming headphone is the way to turn a video game into an immersive one from the distraction of background noises.

Sound is one of the essential parts of gaming to achieving a better experience and it will give you a memorable and thrilling effect.

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There are lots of gaming headphone types available on the market like we have seen a 3d, 4d, 7d etc. Also, headphone which gives you each and every detail in-game like gun loads, footsteps, and enemy activities to take instant action.

Best Gaming Headphones Under 2000


5 Vibez by Lifelong Gaming Headphones


best gaming headphones under 1500

Well, this gaming headphone was launched by the Vibez company they have recently launched.

Their product lineup is available on Amazon, so we have added this to our best gaming headphones under 2000 in India.

This gaming headphone offers 7.1 surround sound features that provide greater depth and precision in sound.

Thanks to this 7.1 audio surround effect with this you can fully immerse yourself in gaming.

It has a protein leather breathable earmuff that because of this you can get unparalleled support that is super soft.

Thanks to its comfortable soft cushion which makes it ideal for those who prefer a long gaming session.

Pros And Cons

  • Volume and play/pause buttons
  • Low network latency rate
  • Quality Could be better

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4 JBL Quantum 100


best headphone under 2000

JBL brand is still the first choice of many gamers and music lovers because this is one of the most branded and high-tech features, comfortable fitting, and amazing sound quality.

It comes with a stylish decent-looking comfortable design and also produces a wide range of sounds to enhance your gaming and music experience.

It consists of 40mm speaker drivers that deliver crystal clear sound. In this price range, there are other headphones,

But in this headphone, you will get a JBL QuantunSound Signature, that produces better signature audio quality so you can get an experience from the tiniest footsteps to the loudest explosions.

Thanks to this technology you will get a better experience in gaming like BGMI or CS-GO this is why you can easily destroy your enemy hide behind objects.

It consists of a detachable voice-focused boom mic hence it gets crystal clear communication while gaming,

also, it has a Lightweight and durable headband with memory foam cushioning.

It can compatible with all gaming platforms including PC gaming, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, Switch, Mobile, and Mac.

Even though it can pair VR with Windows Sonic Spatial Sound is built into Windows 10 PC and Xbox One consoles.

Pros And Cons

  • Brand
  • Better for professional use also
  • Leight Weight
  • Not at this price point

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3 boAt Immortal IM 300

best rgb gaming headphone under 2000

If you are searching headphones for gaming as well as other musical work like listing to songs, and watching movies then we have one of the best all-rounder headphone from the boat company.

Thanks to its 50mm driver give you an immersive auditory experience while completing each and every stage of the game with extraordinary play.

It has dual EQ Modes first one is 3D Spatial mode which you use while gaming and movies session provides real and exceptional quality as well as the other you can use while listing your favourite music.

Thanks to its RGB effect that gives vibes of gaming. It has all the features and looks wise this can not beat so we have added to our list of best gaming headphone under 2000 in India right now.

The best part of this headphone is it has an awesome level of customization that company provides, you can easily customize the audio and mic drivers setting via boat plugin labz software.

Thanks to its dual mics setup, the boom mic delivers your voice uninterrupted to your squad.

Pros And Cons

  • Light Wirght
  • Looks
  • Customizable audio and mic driver
  • Dual Mode as per use
  • Light Weight
  • No cons at such a price category

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2 Ant Esports H1100 Pro

best gaming headphone under 2000 rs in india


If you have a white PC gaming setup and you are looking for white gaming headphones with RGB then definitely these budget gaming headphones fulfil your requirement.

It has a 50MM driver with a high-quality speaker unit as well as it offers a crystal clear and immersive audio experience.

If we talk about features then it has a highly sensitive microphone that delivers more accurate, clear and smooth audio.

As a result, it will help while talking to team players in gaming like PUBG.

Thanks to its volume control button mean the microphone on-off button not only helps in privacy but also it will help while watching movies or listing to movies.

It weighs just 302 grams making it a lightweight gaming headphone.

it has a self-adjustable head beam design that helps in long hours of the gaming session.

This comes in black colour and that is cheaper than this white colour one makes it best gaming and music headphone under 2000 in India.

Pros And Cons

  • Light Weight
  • Better for white Gaming pc setup
  • Affordable
  • No cons at such a price category

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1 Redgear Cosmo 7.1

best gaming headphone


Redgear is a very popular brand among gamers company is very much popular these days because they are more customer focused and biased.

So they have manufactured these kinds of budget products as a result customer love their products.

This headphone is designed with many advanced features such as hardware-driven virtual 7.1 surround sound and high-quality noise cancellation.

Thanks to its exceptional build quality with noise isolating memory foam ear pads and adjustable headbands as a result of reducing pressure around the ear and providing long time comfort.

Gamers are fan of RGB and we know that so we have added this product actually, This headphone has RGB LED lights on ear ups and the tip of the microphone.

Thanks to its audio control from which you can able to control the volume of the headphone.

Pros And Cons

  • Looks
  • Comfortable & Best in class Fitting
  • Flip to mute mic
  • Comfortable earcups
  • Audio leakage

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