Maharashtra government in talks with Tesla


Motors is a leading brand in the market for manufacturing electric vehicles, recently company CEO Elon musk told about planning to launch EV in India in 2021. Maharashtra’s tourism and environmental minister Aditya Thackrey has claimed that he and Subhash Desai an industrial minister already held a video conference with the company executives.

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Aditya Thackrey said that he and Subhash Desai invited the company team to Maharashtra for developing the eco-friendly electric vehicle. Aditya Thackrey said that “I was present not because of just the investment but my firm belief in electric mobility & sustainability.”

He also claimed that his firm belief in sustainable and environment-friendly growth has made him take an active interest in bringing the electric automaker to the country.

Other hands even Elon replied to a tweet from TeslaclubIndia wrote:”next year for sure“.However, he failed to promise that the official timeline for the proposed launch.


The company has been experimenting with its project to launch in India soon.

A country like India needs electric cars for pollution-free traveling, India is the second-largest population and if you talk about pollution it is on a supreme level. Even in India, we have an electric motorcycle but this will take EV to next level.

The Indian government taking the initiative to bring more EV companies to improve environmental protection even, they offer some giveaways with that one.



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